“Impossible” Caterings

We recently catered a week-long event WAY back in the woods.

30 people needed lunch and dinner on-location at a photo shoot… for four days in a row! The crew was around 50/50 vegetarian with a handful being vegan.

Y’all, we only had a little trailer with sink and a microwave to work with on-site, but we made it happen! Our fabulous server Matt brought everything from the Cafe and set it up on-site, then stood at the buffet and served the guests to reduce touch points.

Our guests loved the meals! And we loved making them happy. This is the second time we have served these friends and we so look forward to seeing them again! They always bring the challenges and we enjoy pushing our limits to accommodate their wishes.

No matter where your event, no matter how many guests you’re planning for, we can cater that!

Contact us today and throw something at our catering team – they’re ready!